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An amazing collection of classic Knight Watchman comics! I had the chance to meet Chris Ecker last year at a convention, purchased a copy and got to pick his brain about Big Bang Comics and the good work they did back in the 90's. He was so touched by my enthusiasm and fan-boyishness that he inscribed the book for me and drew a Knight Watchman headshot on the inside cover. A must buy for any and all fans of comics and the Golden Age!  

- Josh Winchester​

Who's Batman? Big Bang Comics makes fun comics TODAY. This is the good stuff kids should be reading. And it has art by Tom King! Buy extra copies and give them to random people.

- John R. Gentil

I SHAT my pants this was sooo good! Some good ole fun Pulp action! - Johnathon Scott Hinds

The Twilight Avenger is a welcome addition to the pulp legacy. Set in an eerie and fascinating spot, Oklahoma(!) in the Dust Bowl, the TA combines everyday grit and worry about the next meal against the Lovecraftian concepts of lonesome wastes and spoiled millionaires acting as debauched nobility. Along comes the TA with the best character design since the Rocketeer, his sad origin, his determined response, and interesting choice of weapons and tactics. Throw in the "sassy girl reporter" and wise mentor and you've got a formula for a 1930's movie-house serial that will have little kids and adults on their edges of their seat. Be sure to stick around for the next-hoped-for volume of the TA's wild adventures fighting crime, poverty, and evil on the gray-dusted prairie.

- Clayton Emery

Whether you're new to Jeff Weigel's "The Sphinx" or like me you read the Big Bang Comics issues featuring this great character you're in for a treat all the same. Jeff Weigel's artwork combines the classic naturalism of Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson and is always in service to the story. And what an excellent story it is. I don't want to spoil the story for you so suffice it to say that "The Sphinx" is a terrific character with an excellent story. In my opinion Jeff Weigel should be a household name in households where comic books are loved and appreciated for the joys only they can deliver. If you're an old fanboy like me or a relatively new reader of comics I can't recommend "The Sphinx" enough.

- Tony Figueroa

I cannot recommend the new Frankenstein Omnibus enough! It is a dream come true. N' that sucker is HUGE! Everyone at Pulp 2.0 is to be commended on such a great job!

​- Mike Cleary

The wait is ended. Over two centuries since “he was borne away by the waves and lost in the darkness and distance”, Mary Shelley’s immortal creation, the Frankenstein Monster, returns to stalk the earth once again in Donald F. Glut’s NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN. Finally in circulation again through Pulp 2.0, this massive 730-page edition collects the first half of Glut’s Frankenstein saga, revised and updated, along with a look into its history, enduring appeal, and photos from the writer’s own extensive collection of monster memorabilia. Some nice touches are those photos which mark the beginning of each story, dedicating them to such Horror legends as Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Glenn Strange.

- Donald C. Weiss, Jr.