"Pulp is not a Medium... it's an Extra Large." 

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Pulp 2.0 Press, headquartered in Glendale, CA was initially formed to republish classic pulp and paperback series which had fallen out of print. The company's mandate is to place well-designed pulp entertainment into eager fans' hands using the latest internet technology. This includes print, ebooks, video, audio, merchandise and games. To us, 'pulp' is not a particular genre, format, medium nor literary time frame. Pulp is an attitude.

In this way, Pulp 2.0 Press is positioned in a slightly different, more expansive manner than other publishers. The company is poised to create, develop and distribute 'pulp entertainment' across a variety of media. 

It all began when Bill Cunningham decided he wanted to read the entire 11 New Adventures of Frankenstein series in paperback.  After some quick internet research, he estimated it would cost him around $300 USD to read all 11 books. They were all were out of print, and cost too much through ebay. He got in contact with the author Donald F. Glut and they decided to reissue them in well-designed editions for the reader who wanted an "affordable collectible."  

From these beginnings the company has  grown into an IP library of nearly 100 characters, expanding to meet the needs of the growing audience for quality pulp fiction.  Pulp 2.0 has also expanded to develop original pulp character series for comics, ebooks and other media - the true definition of Pulp 2.0.  


Pulp 2.0 Press is founded and headed by Bill Cunningham whose job title 'Mad Pulp Bastard' encompasses the myriad duties for which he is responsible - acquisition, development, marketing, promotion, scheduling and publishing.


Cunningham comes to publishing and multimedia development from a background in motion picture production and marketing. He has co-written and produced the very successful independent movies SCARECROW and its sequel SCARECROW SLAYER. He has also been hired as a screenwriter for several film production companies in Hollywood.


Cunningham brings a wealth of experience to his role as he was the Director of Marketing for York Entertainment and was responsible for the creative marketing for over 65 films distributed worldwide. He was also the Associate Producer on the Omega Entertainment motion picture .COM FOR MURDER starring Nastassja Kinski, Roger Daltry, Huey Lewis and Nicollette Sheridan.


Cunningham holds degrees in film and history and served in the United States Air Force and is a published author whose work is included in the critically acclaimed TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN anthology series.