Brother Blood

A bloody blaxploitation horror story from the author of The Empire Strikes Back novel!

Buy the baddest black vampire book ever! Classic blaxploitation horror with more bite than BLACULA! Something evil stalks 1969’s Sunset Strip and only three people know how to stop this bloodsucking horror before he unleashes a vampire army on the unsuspecting swingers and ignites a vampire bloodbath!

Brother Blood BookWritten by Donald F. Glut author of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK novel, episodes of TV’s LAND OF THE LOST, TRANSFORMERS, HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, SPIDERMAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS, THE X-MEN, SHAZAM and many others. He has also written the classic comic book series OCCULT FILES OF DR. SPEKTOR, DAGAR, WHAT IF and many others.

Los Angeles, 1969 – The center of sex, drugs and Rock n’ Roll, the famous Sunset Strip falls prey to the unholy thirsts of a vicious vampire who prowls the LA nightclubs. With his sexy, hypnotic powers he lures the weak-willed swingers draining their blood to feed his unholy, undead existence. The police think they are dealing with gang violence or a serial killer. None suspect the evil poised with its fangs at the city’s throat.

But a handful of believers know Duval’s True demonic nature, and vow to destroy the deadly Dracula before he ignites a reign of terror and turns the Sunset Strip into a feeding ground for his vampire army.

This Pulp 2.0 Press edition of BROTHER BLOOD is the first time the book is presented as it was originally intended. Originally published in German in a limited edition magazine, BROTHER BLOOD is now available in English. This collector’s edition includes a special behind-the-scenes article on the origins of the novel and character by the author. The cover artwork is by Nik Macaluso.

ISBN/EAN13: 1450576397 / 9781450576390

Page Count: 372
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.25″ x 8″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Fiction / Horror


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