A monstrous horror-adventure series featuring the greatest horror icon of all time - The Frankenstein Monster!  Pulp 2.0 is republishing this classic paperback series by Donald F. Glut with all new artwork, bonus features and more!




7. Frankenstein in the Mummy's Tomb

8. Return of Frankenstein

9. Frankenstein and the Curse of Dr. Jekyll

10. Tales of Frankenstein

11. Frankenstein and the Evil of Dracula

12. Frankenstein: the Final Horror!  
      (Exclusive! Never before published!)



Each volume will feature the complete novels along with bonus features from the Don Glut archives!  That's over 800 pages per book!  Cover art is by the extremely talented artist Mark Maddox whose work captures the groovy horror that is The New Adventures of Frankenstein!


This second monstrous volume features the final novel written especially for this collection, bringing the horrific Frankenstein saga to a close. That alone would make this a special collector's item, but Pulp 2.0 has pulled out all of the stops to give you behind-the-scenes bonus material like never before. 


"I'm a huge fan of the Frankenstein monster, and my reading preference runs to multivolume epics like this, so just following the Monster's saga through eleven fun, pulpy novels was quite enjoyable for me. His story leads through just about every pulp, comic book, or B-movie scenario imaginable. The cast of his antagonists includes a robot, several magicians, a secret international terror organization (think Dr. Evil, not Al Quaeda), a hunchback, a werewolf, Dracula, a horde of mummies, dinosaurs, a Frankenstein gorilla (reminded me somewhat of Hammer's "Monster from Hell"), Mr. Hyde, and more mad scientists than you could wave a torch at." - The Groovy Age of Horror



"It comes to us from Pulp 2.0, the brilliant publishing house that's striving to keep classics like this available for those of us looking for an escape to lands of adventure filled with busty beauties, evil professors, mad monsters and high flying adventure."  - Dave's Horror Reviews