10629448_10152845193167772_6620825303398183624_o This advertisement will run in the back of AC Comics upcoming releases of new Big Bang Comics to the comic shop market.  These are all new stories to complement the book collections we create here at Pulp 2.0 from the library of  comics BB has published over the years.

As part of the whole deal,  AC and BB made this ad to let more diehard comics fans know they can get BOOKS featuring their favorite characters!

In addition to the great BB material like KNIGHT WATCHMAN: THE GOLDEN AGE,  THE SPHINX, KNIGHT WATCHMAN: GRAVEYARD SHIFT, and THUNDER GIRL DIGEST – the ad also features our other cool comics and pulp such as THE MIRACLE SQUAD, MONSTER ISLAND, AGENT 13: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY,  THE AUSLANDER FILES and the recently released TWILIGHT AVENGER.

We are always happy to put more comics in the hands of fans so this is a great step forward for everyone involved.  Rest assured this new BB material will eventually make its way into the books we publish.

So look for the new AC Comics Big Bang Comics at your local shop and get our collectible books from your local Amazon webpage, cellphone, or Fire HD tablet.



February 25, 2015

When I began this journey and decided that I wanted to bring back all sorts of cool “stuff” – I made a list of the books and other properties that I wanted to go after. Those things that made me smile when I read, watched or played with them.  High on that list was THE […]

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The Time Machine is in Your Future!

February 25, 2015

For more details please visit our page under “The Graphic Novels”  here. 

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Knight Watchman Goes for the Gold!

April 16, 2014

Coming soon!   (This cover is not final, but a good representation of the final package.) Approx. 210 pages Black & White interiors With bonus features including:  sketches, the history, toy development sketches, animation model sheets, and a Knight Watchman prose story!   All for only $10.99 or less!

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Lightning Strikes With One Magic Word!

November 4, 2013

Friend of Pulp 2.0 and artist extraordinaire Mark Lewis shares a bit of news with you about our upcoming merchandise store where you can get fun, fantastic products with Pulp 2.0 images on them.  This will include our covers, and supplementary artwork that will be exclusive to the store.  He also speaks about the wonderful […]

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